Hello dear friend,

If you are wondering what to do about the cleft lip and palate your new born/yet to be born- baby is diagnosed with… Read on!

We were blessed with a baby who had a unilateral cleft of lip and palate in June 2013. We were not expecting it as the Anomaly scan at 5 months gestation had failed to detect it.

So when your baby arrives,you’ll come across a few dilemmas

If you are an Indian (like we are) you’ll soon find out that Indian families are not very public about their defective babies.Somehow our cultural acceptance seems lower than abroad. This is not a big issue except that you can’t find much information online about the best surgeons /treatments in India. We thought our small input might help speed up your research.

Click on the above 4 topics to proceed to those posts which have touched upon it.

Feel free to send us your queries by using the form below.

With love

Your fellow adventurer 😉


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