Eye of the Beholder

It was a scheduled cesarean.All the discomforts that a surgery entails vanished as the spinal anesthetic kicked into action.Under  the veteran obstetrician’s hands the skin,fat and muscles quickly gave way and a baby boy was held up,umbilical cord yet to be cut,crying rambunctiously and getting the redder for it.

I was relieved,alive and healthy were my first thoughts… the anesthetist called out  “cleft lip and palate” before reassuring me that I had just become mother to a strapping boy baby…otherwise perfect.Those were the first words he heard on earth:cleft lip and palate!

They brought him to me after a quick appraisal by the pediatrician,I was being sewn back up,they said you can kiss him.As they held his lips to my cheek I received the warmest kiss of my life.I was shivering under the effect of anesthetics and his body heat felt incredibly beautiful…warmest.kiss.ever!

Beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder.Everyone who saw him first noticed his cleft,but as we felt him,breathed in his baby smell,fed him and held him- our vision changed,we saw him..beautiful,innocent,helpless, ours. 


2 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. Shortter says:

    Love this. I volunteer with a group called Operation Smile – an international children’s charity organisation that provides surgeries to children born with a cleft lip or palate. And believe me when I say, some of those kids are so so beautiful.
    Your baby is lucky to have parents who see beyond this issue. I hope all goes fine.

    • giftedacleft says:

      thankyou Shortter 🙂 In India,the popular charitable organisation called Smile Train does free surgeries for the poor whose kids have cleft deformities. It’s so good of you to do such volunteer work 🙂

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