Best surgeon to repair the cleft

After all possible research our friend from (the ONLY cleft lip and palate story published by Indian parents online,in detail and so extremely helpful,)shortlisted a few surgeons internationally.

Initially we planned to do it like them in the UK by their same surgeon but then he suggested an alternative, Dr.Jyothsna in Chennai.

Two surgeries are required in the first year of life:

  •  at 3.5 months
  • at 9 months

The plastic surgeon prefers that the same person does both the surgeries.So there was no option of doing one abroad and the other here.

We finally decided upon Dr.Jyothsna Murthy ( renowned plastic surgeon with both world class expertise and ample experience).

She does the free surgeries for those who can’t afford them in Ramachandra Medical College,Chennai, as part of the charity- Smile Train.

Other surgeries like ours is done in a private hospital.

After the first surgery done at 3 and half months we are more than happy and are very grateful to God for leading us to this wonderful doctor.


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